REPORT No. 1           Empire of the Insensate, being a road trip through the arterials of the hardening heart of an early Twenty-first Century United States of America.


REPORT No. 2           Culturing the World City: an Exhibition of the Global Present and The Whine of the City: Reiterations, Expansions and Addenda, being a revisited vivisection of the putatively new imperial metropolis.


REPORT No. 3           The Emperor’s Dirty Laundry, or, a Tale of Seven Cities Remade to Measure, being an expedition in search of the source of worlded urban greatness, replete with a selection of hotel luggage labels returned with the expedition.


REPORT No. 4           The Rime of the Frequent Flyer, or, What the Elephant Has Got in His Trunk, being a grand tourist’s guide to modernity.


REPORT No. 5            The Allegory of the Undisclosed Location, an excerpt from 'The Republic', Remixed, being a drone’s-eye view of emergent domestic- and geo-political ethics.


REPORT No. 6            Building Paranoia: the Proliferation of Interdictory Space and the Erosion of Spatial Justice, being an antique revelation of discommodious metropolitan fortification.


REPORT No. 7          The Banality of Interdiction: Surveillance, Control, and the Displacement of Diversity, being a further consideration of fortification as a homogenizing device for the production of metropolitan simulacra.


REPORT No. 8          Thrashing Downtown: Play as Resistance to the Spatial and Representational Regulation of Los Angeles, being embedded reportage of incursions by poets, sidewalk surfers and blowers of bubbles into urban spaces of circulation and commerce.


REPORT No. 9           Imperialism, being a multifarious definition of a problematic of gravest concern to our firm and persons.


REPORT No. 10          De-Coca-Colonization: Making the Globe from the Inside Out, being an operator’s manual for that which is commonly obfuscated by the metaphor ‘globalization’. {Interested parties are kindly requested to inquire of us directly.}




SCRIPT No. 1          Wherein is presented a nomadography of a broken hydrant.


SCRIPT No. 2          Whereby one’s very own League of Nations approved humanitarian rights may be reviewed, and manifested as an instructional booklet.


SCRIPT No. 3           Wherein a tale is told of a place best left unvisited, most especially so if one is a faerie.